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Fall Foliage

Virtual therapy from the comfort & convenience of your home

As I observe the leaves changing colors during the fall season, I think about the process of change and how it happens step by step. Change can be challenging, scary, rough and heartbreaking. Change can also be rewarding, fulfilling, exciting and inspiring. In this season of the year, and the season of your life you may be considering change, struggling through change or confused about what this means for you and what life will look like moving forward. Sometimes change may require partnership and support to reach a desired outcome. If you are reading this, perhaps you are ready for a new beginning in some aspect of your life and you do not have to embark on your journey alone.  If you are currently in need of support, a new perspective, a safe space where you are heard, and help toward positive change... let’s start together. You might be on a personal journey, or working within a relationship, marriage or a family.


It has required courage and determination to get this far, but you do not have to keep “hanging in there” or waiting for the next "blow up" before you start therapy. I will join you in working toward gaining resolution, fulfillment, healing and effectively coping with complexities and challenges in life and relationships. The first step can be one of the most difficult, as you take a chance in reaching out for help whether this is your very first time or not. Let’s take new steps together.



I'm Olamide. (La-mid-day) I am a licensed psychotherapist who is passionate about working with people to cope with and overcome the challenges of life. ​


​My preferred method and style of therapy starts with meeting each individual, couple or family where they are currently in their journey, understanding their life experiences thus far, and work with them to determine which modalities and interventions may be most effective for them. I believe every individual, couple, and family is unique and therapy is not 'one size fits all'.


To get started, please fill out a contact form through this website, or send an email and someone will contact you to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation call. 

​I look forward to meeting you!

Individual Therapy
  • anxiety 

  • depression

  • PTSD 

  • EMDR

  • trauma

  • life transitions

  • grief & loss

  • parenting skills

  • perfectionism

  • work-life balance

  • stress management

  • self esteem 

  • infertility

  • pregnancy loss

  • online dating

  • dating & relationships

  • communication challenges

  • burnout

  • imposter syndrome

Couples Therapy
  • pre marital counseling

  • marriage counseling

  • relationship challenges

  • infidelity

  • trust issues 

  • infertility

  • IVF

  • pregnancy loss

  • divorce 

  • parenting skills

  • co-parenting 

  • communication issues

  • relationship issues

  • managing life transitions

  • grief & loss

Family Therapy
  • blended families

  • family conflict

  • separation

  • divorce 

  • grief & loss 

  • stress management

  • communication

  • multigenerational issues

  • family cut-off & severed relationships


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